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Here is a summary of NHSPA Environment Committee achievements so far

1. Climate Change DVD

Making of the 'Climate Change' DVD in conjunction with the Observatory Hill that was launched across NSW to inspire other schools to start sustainability projects.

2. World Earth Festival

An annual environmental and multicultural day. An event where learning about sustainability, multiculturalism and celebration of the performing arts takes place involving the whole of school community. The event has been featured in a number of media reports. An even bigger and better event is expected for next year.


3. Ultra Eco Tours

Our environmental committee and school hosted Sydney Region Environmental School Tours organised by Observatory Hill Environment Education Centre. Here, 56 students from other schools' environmental committees came to our school to learn about various initiatives we have conducted in order to make our school more sustainable. As a result of this initiative we were featured in a parliamentary press release as one of the leading schools in terms of school sustainability.

4. Recycling

Developing and implementing a commingled recycling system and increasing paper recycling system in the school.

5. Rainwater Tanks

Winning and implementing the $76,000, NSW Government Public Facilities Grant, that included rainwater harvesting system supplying student toilets (63,000 L capacity) also an online water monitoring system that could be included in various teaching and learning programs. Click here to see further details on the water page.

6. Solar Panels

Obtaining of the $50,000, from solar schools grant for 5kW panels. It also came with an on line electricity monitoring program that will allow the school community first hand to monitor and report on our energy use patterns and that can be included in various teaching and learning programs across all stages. Also installing solar hot water systems in Science and Administration blocks.


Completion of the official School Environmental Management Plan on sustainable schools NSW website: www.sustainableschools.com.au

pdf iconDownload the School Environmental Management Plan

8. Student Leadership

Being involved in range of student leadership opportunities within Sydney Region, organised by a number of Environemtnal Education Centers.

9. Green Space Outdoor Learning

Development of 'Green Space' an outdoor learning environment that could be utalised by all faculties in the school.

10. Beyond Earth Hour Competition

Winning the Sydney Region 'Beyond Earth Hour' school energy competition in 2007. We were the school that reduced its energy use by the biggest margin. Download our press release: Students take climate change action Beyond Earth Hour - dated 27 March 2009 (PDF 29KB) - Click here for the free Acrobat reader Download

10. Herb Garden and Vegetable Patch

Development of a herb garden and veggie patch that is utilised by the TAS faculty for home cooking lessons.