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Newtown High School of the Performing Arts 'Environmental Committee' is made up of enthusiastic teachers, students, P&C members and SAS staff. As a result of this quality collaboration the 'NHSPA Environmental Committee' has achieved many significant sustainability milestones in regards to school resource use, management of school grounds, community involvement and whole school curriculum (teaching of sustainability via the regular curriculum). The main aim of what we do is to make our school an ecologically sustainable place where sustainability is practiced and taught across all key learning areas and stages. A place where students feel empowered to make a difference for the environment. We feel that this can only be achieved when a school both practices and preaches sustainability and when everyone has a valuable role to play.

We hope that we can produce '21-Century Global Citizens' who posses both the knowledge and understanding of the challenges we face as well as the skills to make a positive change for the environment.

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Please download our Powerpoint presentation:

Rationale for NHSPA School Environmental Management Plan 2009

For any further information please contact
Mr Bran Lazendic (NHSPA Environmental Committee Coordinator)
phone: (02) 9519 1544
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