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Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Excellence, Creativity & Equity

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Video Performance Requirements

  • Present a 2 minute performance (vocal and/or instrumental)
  • Applicants may include a second instrument/voice in addition to the one registered. The total time for the audition must be no more than two minutes.
  • All performances will be unaccompanied unless the student is accompanying themselves (for example a vocal performance where the student sings and plays guitar in a single live take).
  • Ensure audio quality of the video is clear
  • Record your audition in a room with neutral acoustics (not a large hall or outside)
  • Applicants should wear comfortable but appropriate clothing
  • The applicant’s full body must be visible in the video at all times. Performance presentation together with instrumental and vocal capabilities will also be considered
  • Please review the video before sending and ensure that it is appropriate for audition

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on:

  • Technique, including intonation, rhythmic accuracy and general technical ability
  • Dynamics and Expressive Techniques including phrasing and articulation
  • Stylistic understanding appropriate to the piece performed


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