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Students will be considered for a music placement at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts on the basis of an audition and interview.

The general criteria on which students will be assessed are:

  • the ability to work independently and cooperatively
  • demonstrated genuine interest in the performing arts
  • demonstrated self discipline and commitment
  • the ability to successfully apply themselves to curricula and  co-curricula performing arts commitments as well as other academic studies.

In addition the following criteria specifically apply to each performing arts area:

  • demonstrated pitch, rhythm, creative ability and potential
  • demonstrated concentration and focus

The Audition will be conducted by a panel, chaired by the Head Teacher - Music and members of the Music faculty.

It will consist of the students participating in a music workshop and will include performance (vocal and/or instrumental) listening and improvisation activities.

  • Two hours for Year 6
  • Two and a half hours for Year 10

Performance Requirement:

A short prepared piece (2 minutes maximum). Please bring your instrument to the audition. A piano, standard drum kit and amplifier will be available.

A prepared song - 2 minutes maximum.

Please note that if you are competent with an instrument/voice other than the one you register, you can bring the instrument/voice to the audition to be examined during your two (2) minute allocated audition time. Eg. 1 minute per instrument. Please do this with caution as you will be examined within that two (2) minute time frame. Applicants may accompany themselves with another instrument/voice other than the one registered, but also do this with caution. No other forms of accompaniment will be accepted.

Students should wear comfortable clothing.

Four (4) passport size photographs will be required on the day of the audition.

Failure to supply photographs seriously disadvantages the student in the audition.

The photographs help the audition panel identify each student.

Each photograph must have the name of the student clearly printed on the back. Photographs are not returnable.

A prepared piece - 2 minutes maximum. Please bring your instrument to the audition. A piano, standard drum kit and amplifier will be available.




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