Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

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Video Performance Requirements

  • Perform a 2 minute scripted monologue which may consist of pieces from:
    • Plays
    • Collection of monologues
    • Adapted from other sources (e.g. poetry, storytelling, novels etc.) in any performance style
  • The monologue should be a fully realised performance and applicants must not be prompted with lines or reference scripts.
  • Costumes are not expected, however, if absolutely necessary small props are allowed
  • Applicants to identify themselves at beginning of their video
  • Performance should be a monologue (only the applicant speaking), not a scene with any additional characters (either present or off screen) with additional dialogue.
  • Ensure audio quality of the video is clear and that the camera is stationary. (no zooming in and out)
  • Record the audition in a room with neutral acoustics (not a large hall or outside)
  • Applicants should be dressed in appropriate attire (please see below)
  • Video should capture the applicants' full body, (please not in close up) as applicants' physicality is a key factor in the audition.

Remember to review the video before uploading to the Application Form and ensure that it is appropriate for audition.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on:

  • Physical and vocal performance skills
  • Appropriate use of space
  • Ability to create an appropriate role/character
  • Control of pace, rhythm and dynamics of the text
  • Ability to create a theatrical narrative that has a sense of clarity and purpose


Applicants should wear comfortable clothing. Footwear should be track shoes or bare feet.