Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

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Video Performance Requirements

  • Applicants submit only one two minute video which consists of either:
    • Option 1: A two minute solo in Modern/ Contemporary or Classical Ballet style OR
    • Option 2: A one minute solo in Modern/ Contemporary or Classical Ballet style to be combined with a one minute solo in a style of your choice.
    The two solos must be uploaded as one video on the Application Form.
  • Applicants to identify themselves at the beginning of their video
  • Ensure audio quality of the video is clear
  • Record your audition in a room with neutral acoustics (not a large hall or outside)
  • Applicants should be dressed in appropriate attire (please see below)
  • Applicants' full body must be fully visible in the video at all times as maintaining character is an important part of the audition

Remember to review the video before uploading to the Application Form and ensure that it is appropriate for audition.

Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on:

  • Demonstrated dance skills
  • Technical skill and performance quality
  • Strength and control of a range of locomotor and non-locomotor movement

Appropriate Dance Attire

Girls: Leotard/tights/unitard/bare feet

Boys: T-shirt/tights/bare feet

  • Appropriate dance shoes or bare feet
  • Applicants should wear plain, form fitting dance wear
  • No jewellery
  • Hair tied back and off the face