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NHSPA P & C P&C President’s 2016 Annual Report

P&C President’s 2016 Annual Report

2016 was an active and exciting year for NHSPA P&C. We achieved many of our goals and progressed towards achieving more.  As a major advance in 2016, the St Georges Hall upgrade is underway: retractable seating in the hall has been ordered, while the stage refurbishment is expected to be completed later in 2017. These changes will provide a flexible larger performance space option for the school, and more comfort and amenity for audiences.

This will be my last term as President of the P&C. I have been lucky to have had two years as President and it is time to pass the baton.  I have enjoyed meeting other parents at the annual World Earth Festival, at the Studio Theatre Café and laughing our heads off at Comedy for a Cause. It has been a privilege to get to know all the other parents on the P&C Executive over the years.  It has been wonderful to work closely with the school executive team.

I must give a huge thank you to all those parents who get involved in big ways and small: from running or volunteering or baking for WEF, to helping out on working bees, to contributing food for lunches for the teaching and admin staff, to organising events, to volunteering on the café during Showcase or Orientation,  to being a P&C year rep or involved in one of our Sub-committees or on the Executive, to counting the cash or writing the minutes, to coming to our meetings or just responding on Google Groups to a request for a flute tutor. The P&C is a community, so thank you all for being involved and making it so strong.

Achievements for 2016 include:

Performing and Visual Arts Sub-committee:

The Performing and Visual Arts Sub-committee asked for submissions in 2016 from the school Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts faculties.  The aim of the sub-committee was to supply additional resources and equipment in order to advance educational outcomes and foster maximum student participation.  Some of the main acquisitions included:

  • Music: Instruments and additional equipment
  • Drama: Master classes and sound system
  • Dance: Master classes and storage
  • Technical company: Lighting equipment
  • Visual Arts: Modular display boards.

Environment Sub-committee:

  • Conducted a working bee around the school grounds with many parents, teachers and students in May including planting plants, pruning clearing rubbish and weeding.
  • Conducted a school working bee in November with parents, teachers and students, who did weeding, pruning, mulching, planting and cement cleaning around the school grounds.

Communications Sub-committee:

  • Participated in updating and modify the parent teacher night information pack.
  • Suggested the surveying of the parent/teacher/staff community for communications preferences and improvements.
  • Polled year 7 parents for feedback of the communications content for enrolment/orientation, first weeks of school and the parent teacher night.
  • Working with the school to implement the key issues highlighted in the 2016 communications survey of parent needs. So far this has included:
    • establishing a new structure for parent communications including fortnightly email bulletins of upcoming events and issues thus changing the newsletter to a quarterly review of student highlights.
    • creating a new process for communicating directly to teachers via email through a new portal on the website

Both of these features are due to start first week of term 2 2017.

Faculty Sub-committee:

Provided financial support via Faculty grants to school faculties including:

  • HSIE for teaching materials and equipment including maps and geography resources
  • Science for physics and biology resources, allowing teachers to demonstrate the collection of data and the application to real world phenomena
  • Maths for teacher resources to further develop the successful STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) program
  • TAS for a renovation to the Design and Technology and Textiles classrooms to enable better use of these spaces and therefore optimal learning outcomes
  • The Library for ebooks and for the creation of a filmed teacher and learning studio.
  • Partially funding a permanent sound system in the gym.

Building Sub-committee:

  • Organised for drawings for the refurbishment of St Georges Hall.
  • Working with the school on the refurbishment of St Georges Hall, including the retractable seating modules and organising work on lowering of the stage.
  • Organising the repainting and refurbishment of the dance costume storage room.

General support:

  • Held two lunches for school teaching and admin staff, one in July and one in November.
  • Scores of parents gave up their time through assisting with catering and staffing the Studio Theatre Café for auditions and Showcase performances throughout the year.
  • Organised the fabulous Comedy for a Cause social event for the school in September, with over 100 parents and teachers attending and laughing uproariously.
  • Participated in the tender selection panel for a new school canteen provider in October.
  • Supported a Year 7 parents/carers social event in December.
  • Supported the World Earth Festival in March 2017, including assisting students plan the event and organising dozens of parent volunteers to help the festival on the day.
  • Welcomed new parents through a welcome BBQ after the World Earth Festival in March.
  • Supported the staging of the all-school spectacular South Pacific in March 2017.
  • Participated on school selection panels for head teachers.

In 2017, the P&C will continue to support the school, especially in formulating a new School Plan and finalising the refurbishment of St Georges Hall.  We welcome and encourage all parents and carers to get involved in the NHSPA P&C in 2017, which is already proving to be another active and vibrant year for the P&C and the whole school community.

Emma Walters
P&C President



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