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NHSPA Auditions
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In 2015, the P&C presented Newtown High School of the Performing Arts with a special gift to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Years of archived material has been sourced, digitalised and compiled to produce this film highlighting the work of both students and teachers.  Alumni have also been included, proudly and fondly reflecting on their time at the school and what they have gone on to do with their lives.  Robin Amm and Stephen Gray, as past and present Principals of the school, are acknowledged for their great contributions.  The P&C hope that you enjoy watching the twenty five year journey of this incredible school unfold throughout the presentation.


A Message from the Principal …

I am so proud to be Principal of this school as we celebrate 25 fabulous years.

Ten years ago when I became Principal here I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.  I continue to feel that way.  What goes with that good fortune, however, is a responsibility that I think we all share, to proudly advocate for the type of quality education that is delivered through specialist performing arts schools like ours.  It’s our shared responsibility to make sure that schools like Newtown survive and thrive as examples of excellence in public education.

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts is the sum total of a community who possess talent, determination and a passion for our school.  I acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of the now thousands of people who have led us to this moment.  The vision of founding Principal Robin Amm; the leadership and support of P&C members; the creativity of directors and performing arts teachers; the passion and commitment of staff from all areas, and most importantly; the talent, discipline and energy from every student who has ever been here.  These people have created a place worth celebrating.  And on behalf of the Newtown community of 2015, I thank you.

Stephen Gray



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