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NHSPA Auditions
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Watch this space for opening of Auditions for Year 7 and Year 11 2023.

Auditions are held annually for Years 7 and 11 for the following year.

To enrol in the Performing Arts stream at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, applicants must be successful at audition.

ALL audition applicants (Year 6 into 7 and Year 10 into Year 11) must apply using the Online Audition Application Form. On that form, applicants are to upload Profile and Audition videos, photo and school reports.

Online audition application registrations for entry into Year 7 or Year 11 2022 close on 30 April 2021. All documents and videos are to be uploaded and submitted along with payment by this date.

Please note:

No further audition registrations will be accepted after the closing date.

Who can apply for an audition?

To be eligible to apply, applicants must be Australian Citizens or holders of a visa granting 'Permanent Resident Status' in Australia.

Applicants can audition in one or two of the three performing arts disciplines (Dance, Drama and Music) offered at our school.

Audition Conditions

Due to the large number of applicants who audition each year, applicants and parents/carers should be aware that the following conditions apply:

  1. Each audition is assessed on its own merits.
  2. The examiner's decision is final and no appeal can be made except on procedure.
  3. Information on an individual applicant's performance in their audition will not be provided.

Audition Process

ROUND 1: Online Video Audition

ROUND 2: Successful applicants from Round 1 will be invited to Round 2 which involves a live audition workshop

Round 1 Requirements

It is important to read all of the information before you begin your application and ensure that you have all the required videos and the following documents ready to be uploaded with the application:

  1. Profile Video (preferred file format MP4 which most devices record to)
  2. Performance Video/s
  3. Applicant's Photo (head and shoulder eg similar to passport photo)
  4. Semester 2 2020 Report
  5. Other document/s related to Special Provisions (if applicable)

Profile Video

This is a brief introduction (approximately 1-2 minutes) to assist the audition panel to get to know the applicant.

Please refer to the following questions:

  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • What previous training/experience have you had in your artform?
  • What it is that you love about your artform?
  • What would you like to achieve by coming to Newtown High School of the Performing Arts?

Performance Video/s

If you have chosen one audition discipline you will need to upload:

Dance, Drama or Music

2 videos:

  • 1 Profile Video and
  • 1 Discipline Audition Video (2 mins)

Music (only if two preferences chosen)

3 Videos:

  • 1 Profile Video and
  • 2 Preference Videos (2 x 1 min per eg instrument/voice or 2 instruments)

If you have chosen two audition disciplines you will need to upload:

Dance and Drama

3 videos:

  • 1 Profile Video and
  • 2 Discipline Audition videos (2 mins each)

Dance or Drama with Music (only if two preferences chosen)

4 videos:

  • 1 Profile Video and
  • 1 Dance or Drama Video (2 mins) and
  • 2 Music Preference Videos (2 x 1 min per instrument/voice)

Please read the descriptions/requirements for each discipline by selecting from the menu under auditions or by clicking on the discipline/s below:

Dance  Drama  Music

Confirmation email will be sent once you have submitted and paid the Audition Application fee of $45 for one audition preference or $90 if applying for two audition preferences.

Should your child be successful at First Round Video Audition, you will be contacted by email within 3 weeks after the closing date (Friday 30 April 2021) with the date and time of your Second Round LIVE Audition.


This section is only relevant if your child has progressed from the First Round Video Audition.

Successful applicants from the First Round will be notified by email of the details of the Second Round Live Audition which will take place at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in Term 3.

Audition - Second Round

On the day of audition, applicants will register at the Studio Theatre, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, Newman Street, Newtown and escorted as a group to their audition workshop which will take approximately 2 to 2½ hours.

All applicants should be dressed in the same attire as worn in their audition video. Music applicants should also bring their instruments.

Following the audition, applicants are to be collected from the Studio Theatre.


Offers for a placement in either Dance, Drama or Music in Year 7 or Year 11 2022 will be emailed early Term 3, 2021.

Please Note:

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts does not have set open days, however, you may wish to register for one of our school tours via the link on our website.