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NHSPA Our School Staff Directory



For information, clarification and advice regarding classroom work and class tasks


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  •  Issues not yet resolved at teacher level


Information, clarification and advice regarding your child’s wellbeing


For more serious issues regarding wellbeing, curriculum, learning support and general progress


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  •  Emergencies
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For information, clarification and advice regarding the co-curricular program including rehearsal/performance requirements and attendance please contact the relevant Performing Arts Head Teachers

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# Name Position
1 Ms C Ansoul HSIE (Teacher)
2 Ms C Argyri School Administrative Manager
3 Mr J Atkinson Mathematics (Teacher)
4 Ms D Aynsley Deputy Principal
5 Ms S Banks Dance (Teacher)
6 Ms D Barsi Dance (Teacher)
7 Mr A Benson Drama (Teacher)
8 Ms L Bivona PD/H/PE (Teacher)
9 Mr P Branson HSIE (Teacher)
10 Mr F Brown HSIE (Teacher)
11 Ms K Buddle Science (Teacher)
12 Ms F Burg Dance (Teacher)
13 Mr S Byrne PD/H/PE (Teacher)
14 Ms A Chen English (Teacher)
15 Mr D Cole HSIE (Teacher)
16 Mr L Connery PD/H/PE (Teacher)
17 Mr W Crich English (Teacher)
18 Ms C Ellis English (Teacher)
19 Ms S Favelle TAS (Teacher)
20 Mr A Field HSIE (Teacher)
21 Mr B Fletcher Drama (Teacher)
22 Ms U George Careers (Teacher)
23 Ms J Gray Administration (Head Teacher - Administration)
24 Ms C Hannan Visual Arts (Teacher)
25 Ms S Roberts Principal
26 Ms F Heinz Visual Arts (Teacher)
27 Ms H Hindmarsh Science (Teacher)
28 Ms J Hoddinott Drama (Teacher)
29 Mr Z Janusic Mathematics (Teacher)
30 Ms A Johnson Music (Teacher)
31 Mr D Kavanagh Drama (Head Teacher - Drama)
32 Mr P Kennedy TAS (Teacher)
33 Ms P Kotik Visual Arts (Teacher)
34 Mr A Lavrut English (Teacher)
35 Ms M Leotta English (Teacher)
36 Ms S Leotta HSIE (Teacher)
37 Mr E Lewis-Jones Music (Teacher)
38 Ms T Luke Drama (Teacher)
39 Ms B Macedone Drama (Teacher)
40 Ms Y Mak Music (Teacher)
41 Mr J Mantzikopoulos Mathematics (Teacher)
42 Ms L Martyn English (Teacher)
43 Mr H Mayerhofer HSIE (Teacher)
44 Mr P McAlpin TAS (Teacher)
45 Ms D Mcgowan Music (Teacher)
46 Ms A McKellar Dance (Teacher)
47 Ms A Micalizzi-Triolo Languages (Teacher)
48 Mr C Miller Music (Head Teacher - Music)
49 Ms L Munns Dance (Head Teacher - Dance)
50 Mr N Newport Science (Teacher)
51 Ms G O'Connor Visual Arts (Teacher)
52 Ms R O'Neill HSIE (Head Teacher - HSIE)
53 Mr A Oliver Business Manager
54 Mr J Parnham HSIE (Teacher)
55 Ms J Pearn Mathematics (Head Teacher - Mathematics)
56 Mr K Pico Deputy Principal
57 Mr P Podreka Music (Teacher)
58 Ms N Rajwar Deputy Principal
59 Ms E Reynolds PD/H/PE (Head Teacher - PD/H/PE)
60 Ms S Rosier Staines Mathematics (Teacher)
61 Ms L Roumanos Dance (Teacher)
62 Mr A Sahabdeen Science (Teacher)
63 Ms O Saravanos TAS (Teacher)
64 Ms B Scanlan Dance (Head Teacher - Dance)
65 Mr P Shields Deputy Principal
66 Ms L Sivanathan Mathematics (Teacher)
67 Ms C Spirovska Science (Teacher)
68 Ms V Stewart Mathematics (Teacher)
69 Ms D Sweers Library (Teacher)
70 Mr J Taylor English (Teacher)
71 Mr K Thomas English (Head Teacher - English)
72 Ms G Trenoweth Visual Arts (Head Teacher - Visual Arts)
73 Mr S Vallentine Science (Teacher)
74 Ms V Van Maanen HSIE (Teacher)
75 Ms C Vollmer Visual Arts (Teacher)
76 Ms A Whitfield Science (Head Teacher - Science)
77 Mr V Zitser English (Teacher)


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Latest Events

Thu Jun 27
Year 11 2020 auditions
Thu Jun 27 @08:00AM - 09:00PM
In the Spotlight Dance Festival
Fri Jun 28
Year 7 2020 auditions
Mon Jul 01
Year 10 Work Experience

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